The Novel by Country:

(1) Austria

(2) The Netherlands

(3) Belgium

(4) Iceland

(5) Norway

Favorite Novels & Novellas:

Alain-Fournier: The Grand Meaulnes

Austen: Emma

Austen: Mansfield Park

Austen: Persuasion

Balzac: Le Pere Goriot

Banville: The Newton Letter

Bioy Casares: The Invention of Morel

Bordewijk: Character

Borges: Best stories

Bulgakov: A Dog's Heart 

Burney: Evelina

Byatt: Morpho Eugenia

 Carr: A Month in the Country 

Cervantes: Don Quixote

Chekhov (Stories 1): Earliest Comical Stories (1882-1885)

Chekhov (Stories 2): The Years of High Production (1886-87)

Chekhov (Stories 3): Period of Maturity A (1888-1891)

Chekhov (Stories 4): Period of Maturity B (1892-1895)

Chekhov: The Duel

Conrad: Heart of Darkness

Coetzee: Summertime

Collins: Basil

Couperus: The Hidden Force

De Assis: Dom Casmurro

De Laclos: Dangerous Liaisons

Eco: The Name of the Rose

Elsschot: Cheese

Emants: A Posthumous Confession

Feng Menglong: The Ape of Lust (Stories) 

Fitzgerald (Penelope): The Gate of Angels

Flaubert: Madame Bovary

Flaubert: A Simple Soul

Fontane: Effi Briest

Fontane: Irretrievable

Ford Madox Ford: The Good Soldier

Fowles: The French Lieutenant's Woman  

Goethe: Elective Affinities

Gotthelf: The Black Spider

Grunberg: Tirza

James: The Portrait of a Lady

Kafka: The Metamorphosis   

Kubin: The Other Side
Lampedusa: The Leopard
Malaparte: The Skin 

Marias: A Heart So White

Maupassant: Bel Ami

Maupassant: Boule de Suif 

Maupassant: Maison Tellier

McEwan: The Comfort of Strangers 

McEwan: On Chesil Beach

Melville: Bartleby, the Scrivener

Modiano: Missing Person

Mulisch: The Discovery of Heaven 

Multatuli: Max Havelaar

Murdoch: The Sea, The Sea 

Murdoch: A Severed Head

Nabokov: Pale Fire

Nabokov: The Eye

Naipaul: A Bend in the River

Nerval: Sylvie  

Nescio: Amsterdam Stories 

Nooteboom: The Following Story

Nooteboom: Rituals

Pamuk: My Name is Red

Pavese: The Moon and Bonfires

Prevost: Manon Lescaut

Proust: Swann's Way
Radiguet: Count d'Orgel's Ball

Rodenbach: Bruges-la-Morte

Roth: The Legend of the Holy Drinker 

Roth: Radetzky March

Saltykov-Shchedrin: The Golovlyov Family

Saramago: The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis

Saramago: Blindness

Schnitzler: Short Stories

Schnitzler: Dream Story 

Schnitzler: The Road into the Open

Sebald: The Emigrants

Sebald: The Rings of Saturn

Slauerhoff: The Forbidden Kingdom 

Söderberg: Doctor Glas
Turgenev (1): Early Stories

Turgenev (2): Lyrical Stories

Turgenev (3): Late Stories

Updike: Couples

Vila-Matas: Bartleby & Co.

Voltaire: Candide

Waugh: A Handful of Dust

Wells: The Island of Dr. Moreau 

Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Grey

Williams: Stoner