Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kiyomizu Temple in autumn colors

Last week autumn colors were at their best, especially on a perfect hazy fall day when I visited in Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.

[Busy street leading to Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto]

It was a Monday and there were less people then ten days before, when the crowds jammed the view. At that time I evaded the noise and jostling in Kiyomizu's "secret garden," Jojuin, this time I walked the normal course.

[Shop sign near Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto]

Even after walking here many times, there are still new details to be noted, such as this shop sign of a shop selling dolls.

[The vermilion gate of Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto]

It was the first time to come here in the fullness of autumn. There was a slight drizzle, but it soon cleared.

[Jizo statue in Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto]

Another new detail was this aloof Jizo statue, standing up the stairs, just inside the gate.

[Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto]

The mist softens the contours of the surrounding mountains.

[Pupils taking each other's picture on the veranda of Kiyomizu temple]

As usual, the platform of the temple is a popular place for snapshots.

[Incense burner in Kiyomizu temple]

As is wafting incense onto any malfunctioning body parts.

[Autumn colors in Kiyomizu temple]

But then the view! The fall colors are like an embroidery on the hillside, a perfect painting in countless hues and variations.

[Autumn colors in Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto]

The branches of the trees hang like flaming torches around the temple.

[The Main Hall of Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto, in autumn]

The classical view of the temple on stilts, now resting on the soft arms of autumn.

[Tasting the spring water of Kiyomizu temple]

Another popular pastime, tasting the pure spring water that gives its name to the temple.

[Autumn leaves, Kiyomizu temple]

But today I prefer the taste of autumn, which could not be purer on this day with its intense but at the same time subdued colors.